Sunday, May 29, 2016

Baby listen Quran and stopped crying

Listening Quran is very peaceful and its very nice to hear. Quran is the guide for the whole universe. The Almighty ALLAH who created the world has given Quran to the people of the world by the last and final prophet Muhammad(sm). In this todays world most of the muslim don't read Quran, do you know why cause they just muslim by name they don't know about the knowledge of islam. If all the muslim do regular prayer and read Quran then they would be real muslim so you can't know about islam if you look to present muslim. So if you are interested to know about islam then you must read Quran.

Baby listen Quran and stopped crying

Listen Quran

Quran is not only a guide its a guardian for a human, you can get anything in Quran, today we are going to share a video that shows small children as you can say baby stopped crying after listening quran.

Quran is so sweet to listen that many non-muslim who never listen quran commented the best sound after they first listen quran.

Here is the video of baby listen quran and stopped crying:

AL QURAN online

you can also listen al quran online from here, that we embed the whole quran that is recitation by Ghamdi the most popular quran reciter.

we all should read quran and need to learn what our creator say to us. keep me on your prayer stay listening quran.
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