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3 Surah Al Imran

3 Surah Al Imran

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful

1. Alif. Lam Mim.
2. Allah is. Beside Whom none is to be worshiped. Self-Living, Sustainer of others.
3. He sent down to you this true Book, confirming preceding Books, and He sent down Tawrat and Injil before
4. A for time guiding the people and sent down the criterion; No doubt, for those who denied the Signs of Allah is
the severe torment and Allah the Mighty, is Possessor of the power of retribution.
5. Nothing is hidden from Allah, neither in the earth nor in the heaven.

6. It is He Who forms your shape in the wombs of the mothers as He pleases. Besides Whom none is to be
worshiped the Dominant, the Wise.
7. It is He Who sent down upon you the Book, in which some verses have clear meaning, they are the substance
of the Book, and others are those, in the meaning of which there is doubt. Those in whose hearts there is
perversity pursue doubtful one desiring deviation and searching their own viewpoint of it, and its right
interpretation is known to Allah alone. And those of firm knowledge say, 'We believed in it, all is from our Lord
and none accept admonition save men of understanding.
8. 'O our Lord! Let not our hearts become perverse after this that You guided us and bestow on us mercy from
Yourself; no doubt, You are the big Bestower.
9. 'O our Lord! No doubt You are the assembler of all people for the Day in which there is no doubt. Undoubtedly
the promise of Allah changes not.
10. No doubt, those who became infidels; their riches and their children shall avail them nothing against Allah and
it is they who are the fuel of the hell.
11. Like the people of Pharaohs and those before them, they belied our Signs; then Allah seized them for their sins
and Allah's punishment is severe.
12. Say to the disbeliveers, 'soon you shall be overcome and be driven towards the hell and that is an evil bed'.
13. No doubt, there was a sign for you in two groups that encountered among themselves. One gang fighting in
the way of Allah and the other disbeliveers that they understood them double of themselves in their eyesight;
and Allah strengthens with His help whom He pleases. No doubt, in it there is teaching after seeing for the men
of understanding.
14. Adorned for men is the love of these lusts, women and children and the stored up heaps of gold and silver and
branded horses and cattle and crops. This is the capital of living world; and it is Allah with Whom there is an
excellent destination.
15. Say you 'shall I inform you of something better than that.' For pious ones there are gardens with their Lord
beneath which rivers flow therein shall they abide, and pure wives and Allah's pleasure. And Allah sees His
16. Those who say, 'Our Lord we did accept faith, then forgive us our sins and save us from the torment of the
17. The steadfast and truthful and humble and those who spend in the way of Allah and those who seek
forgiveness in the latter part of the night.
18. Allah bore witness that none is to be worshiped save He, and the angels and the men of learning (too)
standing with justice; none is to be worshiped save He, the most Reverend, Wise.
19. Verily, only Islam is the Din (Religion) before Allah, and the men of Book did not dissent but after the
knowledge had come to them, because of their hearts burning. And whoso denies the signs of Allah; then no
doubt Allah is to call to account very soon.
20. Again O beloved! If they argue with you, then say 'I have submitted my face before Allah and those who
followed me; and say to the men of Books and to those who read not; 'have you submitted'? Hence if they
submit, then they got the guidance and if turn their faces, then upon you it is only to convey the message, and
Allah is seeing His bondsmen.
21. Those who deny the signs of Allah, and slay the Prophets unjustly and kill the men ordering justice; give them
good tiding of painful torment.
22. These are they whose deeds have perished in this world and the next and they shall have no helpers.
23. Have you not observed those given a portion of the Book are being called to the Book of Allah that it may
judge between them, then a faction of them turns away being opposed to it?
24. This boldness came to them because they say, 'The fire shall not touch us except for a number of days'; and
the lies which they used to invent deceived them in their religion.
25. Then how will it be, when We shall gather them for a Day in which there is no doubt; and every soul shall be
paid in full what it has earned and they shall not be wronged.
26. Say like this, 'O Allah Master of the Kingdom, You give the Kingdom to whom You please; and seize the
Kingdom from whom You please. And you exalt whom You please and You abase whom You please; in Your
hand is all good. No doubt You can do all things.
27. You cause the night to enter into day and cause the day to enter into night, and bring forth the living from the
dead and bring forth the dead from the living, and provide whomsoever You please with out reckoning
28. Let not the Muslims takes infidels as their friends besides the Muslims and whosoever shall do that he has no
connection with Allah, but this that have some fear of them; and Allah cautions you from His wrath; and unto
Allah is the return.
29. Say, you, 'whether you conceal what is in your hearts or declare it, Allah knows all; and knows whatever is in

the heavens and whatever is in the earth. And Allah has the authority over every thing.'
30. The day when every soul shall find presented whatever it did of good and whatever it did of evil; it will long,
would there be a far distance between it and me. And Allah warns you of His torment; and Allah is Kind enough
over His bondsmen.
31. 'O beloved! Say you, 'O people! If you love Allah, then follow me; Allah will love you and forgive your sins and
Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
32. Say you, 'Obey Allah and the messenger; then if they turn their faces, then Allah loves not the infidels.
33. No doubt, Allah chose Adam and Noah and the family of Ibrahim and the family of Imran from over the entire
34. It is a race from one another. And Allah Hears and Knows.
35. When the wife of Imran said, My lord! 'I make a vow to You, for what is in my womb to remain purely in Your
service. There fore accept this from me, no doubt, You alone are Hearing, Knowing.
36. Then when she gave birth to her, she said, 'O my Lord I have given Birth to a female. And Allah knows well
whatever she had given birth to and that male whom she demanded was not like this female and I have named
her Mary, and I give her and her off-spring under Your protection from Satan the rejected.
37. Therefore her Lord accepted her graciously and caused her to grow an excellent growth and gave her under
the guardianship of 'Zakaria'. Whenever Zakaria went to her place of prayer, he found new provision with her.
He said! O Mary! Whence came this to you? She spoke, 'that is from Allah,' No doubt, Allah gives whomsoever
He pleases without measure.
38. Here Zakaria called his Lord, said, 'O my Lord! Give me from Yourself pure offspring; no doubt, You only are
the Hearer of prayers.
39. Then the angels called him and he was offering prayer standing at his place of worship, no doubt Allah gives
you glad tidings of Yahya who shall confirm a word from Allah, a chief and chaste and prophet from amongst
Our righteous.
40. Said, 'O my Lord! From where shall I have a son, while the old age has reached to me and my wife is barren'.
Said, 'Allah does so whatever He pleases'.
41. Submitted he, O my Lord! 'Appoint a token for me' Said, your token is this that you shall not speak to people
for three days but with signals, and remember your Lord much and praise Him at a time nearing sunset and at
42. And when the angels said, 'O Mary; verily Allah has chosen you and purified well ' and today has chosen you
from amongst the women of all worlds'.
43. 'O Mary! Stand before your Lord humbly and prostrate for Him and bow down with those who bow down.
44. These are the tidings of unseen that We reveal to you in secret. And you were not with them when they drew
lots with their pen that under whose guardianship Mary should be given, and you were not with them when
they were disputing.
45. And remember when the angels said to Mary, 'O Mary! Allah gives you glad tidings of a word from Him, whose
name is Masih, Isa son of Mary, he shall be dignified in the world and the Hereafter and of those nearest to
46. And he shall talk to the people in the cradle and in the ripe age (Maturity) and shall be of the righteous.
47. She said, 'O my Lord! From where shall I have a son no person has touched me. Said He, "Allah creates in such
a way what He pleases". When He decrees any thing, then He only says to it 'Be! And it is.
48. And Allah will teach him the Book and wisdom and the Taurat and Injeel.
49. And he shall be a Messenger towards the children of Israel saying this, 'I have brought to you a sign from your
Lord; that I make a form out of clay like a bird for you then again breathe in it and it becomes a bird atonce by
the command of Allah; and I heal the born blind and the leper and I make the dead alive by the command of
Allah and tell to you whatever you eat and what you store in your houses. No doubt, in these things there is a
great sign for you if you believe.
50. And I have come confirming the book Taurat that was before me; and for this that I should make lawful some
of those things which were forbidden to you; and I have brought to you a sign from your Lord then fear Allah
and obey my command.
51. No doubt Allah is the Lord of me, of yours, of all so worship Him only. This is the straight path.
52. Then again when Isa found infidelity in them, said, 'who become my helpers towards Allah'. The disciples said,
'We are the helpers of the religion of God; We have believed in Allah and bear you witness that we are
53. 'O our Lord! 'We believe in what you have sent down and followed the Messenger, then write us among those
who bear witness on truth.'
54. And the infidels plotted and Allah secretly devised for their destruction and Allah is the best of secret devisers.

55. Remember, when Allah said; O Isa! I shall cause you to reach to your full life and I shall raise you towards
Myself and I shall purify you from the infidels, and shall give your followers superiority over the rejecters until
the Day of Resurrection then you all shall come returning to Me: then I shall decide between you concerning
that wherein you dispute'.
56. Then those who became infidels, I shall torment them with severe punishment in this world and the next and
they shall have no helpers.
57. And to those who believed and did good deeds, Allah will pay them their rewards in full and the unjust are not
acceptable to Allah.
58. Thus, We recite to you of some signs and wise admonition
59. The likeness of Isa with Allah, is like Adam. He created him of dust, then said, 'Be and 'he' was atonce.
60. 'O Listener! This is the truth from your Lord; be not therefore of doubters.
61. Then O beloved! Whoever disputes with you about Isa after knowledge has come to you, then tell them, 'come,
let us call our sons and your sons our women and your women and our souls and your souls, then let us pray
earnestly, and so lay the curse of Allah upon the liars.'
62. This verily is the true Narrative; There is none worthy of worship save Allah; and verily only Allah is All Mighty,
the All Wise.
63. Then if they turn back their faces, then Allah knows the mischief mongers.
64. Say you, O people of the Book! Come towards such a word which is common between us and you, that is we
worship none but Allah and associate no partner with Him; and none of us make one another as Lord beside
Allah; then if they do not accept then say, 'bear witness that we are Muslims.'
65. 'O people of the Book! Why do you dispute about Ibraham? The Torah and Injil (Gospel) were not sent down,
but after him, then have you no reason?
66. Behold! you are those who disputed in that of which you had knowledge, then why you dispute in that of which
you have no knowledge, and Allah knows and you know not.
67. Abraham was neither a Jew nor Christian but was a Muslim separate from every falsehood and was not of the
68. Verily, the more rightful claimant of Abraham than all people were those who followed him and this prophet
and the believers, And Allah is the Protector of the believers.
69. A section of the people of the Book yearns that in any way you go astray and they make astray to themselves
and they have no sense.
70. 'O people of the Book! Why do you deny the signs of Allah, whereas you are yourselves witnesses.
71. 'O people of the Book! Why do you confound truth with falsehood and why do you conceal the truth whereas
you have knowledge?
72. A section of the people of the Book said, 'believe in that which has been sent down upon the believers at
morning and deny at evening; perchance they may return'.
73. And believe not any but. Him who is the follower of your religion. Say you, 'The guidance of Allah is the only
guidance of Allah. That may be given to any one the like of that was given to you', or anyone might argue you
before your Lord. Say, you, 'the bounty is in the hand of Allah alone; He gives it to whomsoever He pleases;
and Allah is All-Embracing All-Knowing.
74. He singles out with His mercy whomsoever He pleases and Allah is of exceeding bounty.
75. Among the people of the Book there is someone with whom if you keep a huge treasure in trust then he will
pay it back to you, and in them there is someone, with whom if you keep in trust a single dinar then he will not
repay it to you, except when you remain standing over his head. It is because they say, 'there is no
responsibility over us in the matter of illiterates. And they utter a lie against Allah knowingly.
76. Yes, why not, one who fulfilled his pledge and feared God and verily, Allah loves those who fear God.
77. Those who accept mean price in exchange of their covenant with Allah and their oaths, they have no portion in
the Hereafter, and Allah will neither speak to them nor look towards them or Resurrection Day, nor will He
purify them; and for them there is painful torment.
78. And among them some are those who distort the Book by twisting their tongues; that you may think it is also
in the Book, and that is not in the Book. And they say, 'It is from Allah, whereas it is not from Allah and they
forge a lie against Allah purposely and knowingly.
79. It is not the right of any man that Allah should give him the Book and command and prophet hood, then he
should say to people, 'Be my bondmen leaving Allah; Yes he will say this, 'Be men of Allah because you teach
the Book and because you study it.'
80. And He would not order you this that you should take the angels and prophets as God. Would He order you to
infidelity after it that you have become Muslims?
81. And remember when Allah took from the prophets their covenant whatever I should give you of the Book and

wisdom then comes to you the Messenger confirming your Books, then assuredly you shall believe in him and
assuredly you help him. He said, 'do you agree, and do you accept My heavy responsibility on it. All submitted
'We did affirm, He said, 'then be witness against one another and I am myself among witnesses with you.
82. Now whoso turns away after this, then they are the dis-obedients.
83. Then, do they like a religion other than the religion of Allah? And to Him has submitted whoso is in the heavens
and the earth, willingly and unwillingly, and to Him shall they be returned.
84. Say like this, 'that We believed in Allah and in that which was sent down to us and in that which Was sent
down to Ibrahim and Ismail and Ishaque and Yaqoob and his children and that which was given to Moosa and
Isa and prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them in believing and to Him we
have bowed down our necks.
85. And whoso will desire for a religion other than Islam that shall never be accepted from him and in the next
world he shall be among the losers.
86. How Allah shall wish to guide such a people who disbelieved after believing and had borne witness that the
Messenger is true and to whom had come clear signs? And Allah guides not a people unjust.
87. Their meed is this that on them there is curse of Allah, and of angels and of men, all together.
88. They should abide thereunder. Neither the torment shall be lightened from over them and nor shall they be
89. But those who repented thereafter and amended themselves, then necessarily, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
90. No doubt, those who disbelieved after believing then again wax in infidelity, their repentance shall never be
accepted and these are they who have gone astray.
91. Those who disbelieved and died as infidels, there shall never be accepted an earth full of gold from anyone of
them, though he offers it in ransom for himself. There is painful torment for them, and they shall have no
92. You shall never attain good unless you spend your favourite things; and Allah knows whatever you spend.
93. All food was lawful to the children of Israel; save what Yaqoob had made unlawful for himself before the
Taurah wee sent down. Say you, bring the Taurat and read it if you are truthful?
94. Then after that, whose forges lie against Allah, those are the persons unjust.
95. Say you, 'Allah is true therefore follow the religion of Ibraham Who was separate from every falsehood, and
was not of the polytheists.
96. Verily, the first House among all marked for the worship o, the people is that which is in Mecca abounding in
blessing and a guide of all world.
97. Therein are clear sighs; the place where Ibraham stood and whosoever enters it, is in security. And for the
sake of Allah, the people is to perform pilgrimage to this House, who could find a way thither. And who denies,
then Allah is independent of entire world.
98. Say you, 'O people of Book! Why not you accept the signs of Allah while your works are before Allah.
99. Say you, 'O people of the Book! Why do you hinder those who accepted the faith from the path of Allah, you
desire to crook it and you are yourself witness thereof? And Allah is not unaware of your doings.
100. 'O believers! If you obey some of the people of the Book, then they would render you infidels after your belief.
101. And how would you commit infidelity, (whereas) to you are recited the signs of Allah; and in your midst has
come the Messenger of Allah? And he who sought the support of Allah has been directed to a straight path.
102. 'O believers! Fear Allah, as rightly He is to be feared, and do not die ever save as Muslims.
103. And hold fast, all together, by the rope of Allah, and be not divided among themselves. And remember Allah's
favour upon you. Remember when there was enmity among you, He joined your hearts together then, by His
grace, you became brothers together and you were upon the brink of a pit of Fire, then He rescued you from
it; Thus Allah explains to you His signs; that haply you may act guidance.
104. And let there be such a group among you, that they may call towards goodness and command what is just and
forbid evil. And the very same attained to their goals.
105. And be not like those who were divided (in sections) and disagreed among themselves, after this that bright
signs had come to them and for them there is mighty torment.
106. On the day when some faces shall be white, and some black. Then those whose faces: have been blackened,
(they will be told) 'did you become infidels after accepting faith? Then now taste the torment, the recompense
of your infidelity.
107. And as for those, whose faces are whitened, they are under the mercy of Allah; they shall abide in it.
108. These are the signs of Allah that We recite unto you correctly, and Allah intends not injustice to the people of
the worlds.
109. And to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth and unto Allah is the return of all

110. You are the best among all those nations appeared unto mankind, you command! To good, and forbid evil, and
keep faith unto Allah. Had the people of the Book believed, then it was good for them. Some of them are
Muslims and most of them are infidels.
111. They will not harm you save annoying; and if they fight with you, they will turn their backs from you, then
again they will not be helped.
112. Ignominy has been pitched on them, wherever they are, they shill get no security save a rope from Allah and a
rope from men, (they may get protection). They became worthy of the wrath of Allah and on them destitution
have been pitched. This is because they used to reject the signs of Allah and slay the prophets unjustly. This is
because they were disobedient and transgressors.
113. All are not alike. Among the people of the Book some are those who stand right, recite the signs of Allah in the
hours of night and prostrate.
114. They believe in Allah and the Last Day and command good and forbid evil and run for good works, and they
are righteous.
115. And those who will do good, their rights shall not be denied and Allah knows the God fearing.
116. Those who became infidels, their riches and children shall not avail them at all against Allah and they are the
men of hell and shall abide therein.
117. The example of that which they spend in the life of this world is like a wind in which there is intense cold; that
strikes the harvest of such a nation which wronged themselves, therefore it destroyed that, and Allah wronged
them not, but yes, they wrong unto their own souls.
118. 'O believers! Do not make strangers as your confidants; they leave no stone unturned in harming you. They
yearn for what distresses you: Hostility appeared from their utterances and what they have concealed in their
breasts is yet greater. We have made you hear Our signs clearly, if you have wisdom.
119. Behold, it is you who love them, and they love you not. Though you believe in all the Books. And when they
meet you, they say, 'we accepted faith', and when they are alone, then they bite their fingertips at you out of
wrath. Say you, die in your passion' Allah knows well the thoughts of the hearts.
120. Anything good befall you it vexes them; and an evil be fall you, then they are happy at it, and if you have
patience. And fear Allah, then their guile will not hurt you at all. Verily, their all doings are under the'
circumference of Allah.
121. And remember O beloved! When you came out from your house in the morning, I am assigning to the Muslims
their positions for battle. And Allah is All-Hearing All-Knowing.
122. When two of your groups intended Cowardice, but Allah is their supporter, and upon Allah should the Muslims
123. And verily, Allah did help you at Badr, when you were resourceless. So fear Allah that perhaps you may be
124. When O beloved! You did say to Muslim 'Is it not enough for you that your Lord should assist you by sending
down three thousand angels?
125. Yes, why not, if you have patience and fear God, and the infidels came upon you instantly, then your Lord will
send five thousand angels with marks for your help.
126. And this victory Allah did not make, save for pleasing you and so that your hearts might get rest with it, there
is no help except from Allah, the Dominant, the Wise.
127. In order that He might cut a portion of the infidels or abase them, so that they may go back dis-appointed.
128. This matter is not in your hand, whether He shows His graciousness to them for repent fence or torment them,
for they are unjust.
129. And to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. He Forgives whomsoever and
torments whomsoever He pleases; and Allah is For giving Merciful.
130. 'O believers! Devour not interest, doubled and redoubled; and fear Allah, in the hope that you may get
131. And Ward off the Fire which is already prepared for the infidels.
132. And remain obedient to Allah and Messenger, in the hope that you be shown mercy.
133. And run towards the forgiveness of your Lord and to such a paradise whose width covers all heavens and earth
is already prepared for those who are pious.
134. Those who spend in the path of Allah in prosperity and adversity and who restrain anger and who pardon men.
And virtuous people are dear to Allah.
135. And those who, when they have committed indecency or wronged their own souls, beg forgiveness for their
sins remembering Allah, and who forgives sins save Allah? And do not persist knowingly in what they have
136. For such the recompense is their 'Lord's forgiveness and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath, they shall

remain for ever therein, and what an excellent reward is for workers.
137. Some systems have already been experimented, before you, then see, going through the earth, how was the
end of the beliers! (Who did deny)?
138. This is to state to people and to guide and is admonition to those who are pious.
139. And be not sluggish and neither be grieved, you are the very same who shall overcome if you have faith.
140. If any distress has come to you, then they too have already received a similar distress. These are the days in
which we have fixed turns for the people and that is because Allah may make one to distinguish the believes
and may assign some of you the position of martyrs. And Allah loves not the unjust.
141. And so that Allah may purify the Muslims and wipe out the infidels.
142. Are you in this supposition that you shall enter the paradise and yet Allah has not tested your warriors and
neither has experimented the steadfast?
143. And you used to long for death before meeting it, so now you have seen it with your eyes.
144. And Muhammad is only a Messenger. There have been many other messengers before him. Will you then, if he
departs or be slain, turn back on your heels? And he, who will turn back on his heels, shall not harm Allah at
all. And very soon Allah will recompense the thankful.
145. And no soul can die save by the leave of God - the time of all is already recorded. And whoso desires the
reward of the world, We gave to him of this, and he who desires the reward of the Hereafter, We give to him
of this, And it is very soon, We may recompense the thankful.
146. And many a prophet fought, with them there were many god-men, they fell not sluggish with the miseries they
faced in the path of Allah, and neither became weak nor gave in. And the steadfast are dear to Allah.
147. They did say nothing save this prayer, 'O Our Lord! Forgive our sins and our excesses that we committed in our
affairs, and make firm our steps and help us against these disbelieving people.
148. So Allah gave them the reward of the world, and goodness of the reward of Hereafter. And the good-doers are
dear to Allah.
149. 'O believers! If you follow the line of infidels, then they will turn you upon your heels, and you will be back
after losing.
150. Whereas Allah is your Patron; and He is the best Helper.
151. Soon We shall cast terror in the hearts of infidels, because they associated partners with Allah for which He
sent down not any understanding and their abode is Fire, and what is the evil abode of the unjust.
152. And verily, Allah did prove the truth of His promise to you when you were killing the infidels by His leave, until
when you showed weakness and quarrelled about the order and Dis-obeyed after He had shown you the thing
you desired for. Of you some one desired the world and of you some one desired the Hereafter, then He
turned your faces from them that He might; test you; and no doubt, He forgive you and Allah is Bounteous
over Muslims.
153. When you were going up and did not look back towards anyone and Our Messenger was calling you in another
group, therefore He gave you, sorrow in recompense for a sorrow, and forgave in order that you might not
grieve for what sent out of your hand and what befell you. And Allah is informed of your doings
154. Then after sorrow, He sent down to you slumber that had surrounded a party of you, and another party was
anxious about themselves, suspected of Allah unjustly; like the suspicion of Ignorance. They say, 'Have we any
power in this affair'? Say you, 'entire authority is of Allah. They conceal in their hearts that they reveal not unto
you; they say, 'if we had any power, then we would not have been killed here." Say you, 'If you had been in
your houses, even then those for whom killing was already written would have gone forth to the place of their
slaughter; and in order that Allah might test the feelings of your breasts, and whatever is in your hearts might
purge it. Allah knows the thoughts of your hearts.
155. No doubt, those of you who turned back on the day when two armies met. It was Satan who made them slip
because of their certain actions, and surely Allah forgave them. Verily, Allah is Forgiving, Gentle.
156. 'O believers! Be not like those infidels who told about their brothers when went on journey or on holy war; that
had they been with us, they would not have died and not been slain, in order that Allah may make it a cause of
regret in their hearts. And Allah gives life and causes death and Allah is seeing your works.
157. And undoubtedly, if you are slain in the way of Allah or die, then the forgiveness of Allah and His mercy are
better than their entire wealth.
158. And if you die or be slain, certainly you are to gather towards Allah.
159. Then, it is of the mercy of Allah that O beloved! You became gentle for them and if you had been hot headed,
hard hearted, then they certainly would have dispersed from your circle, so pardon them and intercede for
them and consult them in the affairs; and when you have made up your mind for any thing, then put your trust
in Allah. Undoubtedly the trustful are dear to Allah.
160. If Allah helps you, then none can overcome you; and He forsakes you, then who is such that can help you

again. And Muslim should have trust unto Allah alone.
161. It cannot be thought about any prophet that he hides away something and whatever he hides away, he shall
come with his hidden thing on the Day of Resurrection; then every soul shall be paid in full what it has earned,
and there shall be no injustice unto them.
162. Will then he who follows the pleasure of Allah be like him who has earned the wrath of Allah and his abode is
hell? And what a bad place of returns it is.
163. They are according to their ranks near Allah and Allah sees their works.
164. Undoubtedly, Allah did a great favour to the Muslims that in them from among themselves sent a Messenger
who recites unto them His signs and purifies them and teaches them the Book and wisdom, and necessarily
before that they were certainly in apparent error.
165. What! When any calamity reaches you, though double of which you had caused to reach (to them), you began
to say, "Whence it came". Say you; 'It is from your own side'. Undoubtedly Allah can do everything.
166. And that calamity which befell you on the day the two armies had met was by Allah's leave, and thus He might
make known the believers.
167. And that He might make one to distinguish the hypocrites and it was said to them, "come, fight in the way of
Allah or drive out the enemy". They said, "If we knew fighting, then certainly we would have sided you." And
they on that day were nearer to apparent infidelity than to expressed faith. They say with their mouths, what is
not in their hearts. And Allah knows what they are concealing.
168. Those who said about their brothers and while them selves remained behind, 'Had they obeyed us, they would
not have been killed.' Say you, 'then avert your own death if you are truthful.'
169. And those who have been slain in the way of Allah never think of them as dead; but they are alive with their
Lord, get their subsistence.
170. They are happy because of that which Allah has bestowed upon them of His Bounty and are rejoicing for their
successors who have not yet joined them that on them there is not any fear, nor any grief.
171. They rejoice at the favour of Allah and His bounty, and that Allah wastes not the reward of Muslims.
172. Those who responded to the call of Allah and Messenger after the wound had smitten them There is great
reward for their righteous and reverent people.
173. Those to whom people said, 'the people have gathered against you, 'therefore fear them; but this increased
their faith and said, 'Allah is sufficient for us and what an excellent Disposer of Affairs.
174. Hence, they returned with a favour from Allah and His Bounty, no evil touched them and followed the pleasure
of Allah. And Allah is of great, Bounty.
175. It is only the Satan that threatens you of his friends: so fear them not and fear Me if you have faith.
176. And (O beloved) you grieve not of them at all, who run after infidelity, they will not harm Allah at all. And Allah
intends not to assign any position for them in the Hereafter and for them, there is great torment.
177. Those who purchased infidelity for faith will not harm Allah at all, and for them is the painful torment.
178. And let never the unbelievers suppose that the respite, We grant them is some thing good for them. Certainly,
We grant them respite only because they may further increase in sin. And for them is the degrading torment.
179. Allah is not to leave the Muslims in the present state of affairs in which you are, until He separates unpure from
the pure. (Wicked from the good) And it is not befitting to the dignity of Allah that O general people! He let you
know the unseen. Yes, Allah chooses from amongst His messengers whom He pleases. Then believe in Allah
and His messengers. And if you accept faith and fear, then there is great reward for you.
180. And let not those who are niggardly with respect to what Allah has given them out of His bounty think that it is
good for them; on the contrary it is bad for them. Soon that for which they were niggardly shall be their
necklace on the Day of Resurrection. And only Allah is the Heir of heavens and earth and Allah is aware of your
181. Undoubtedly Allah heard those who said, "Allah is needy and we are rich." Now We shall put their sayings and
their slaying of the prophets unjustly in writing; and We shall say, 'taste the torment of the fire.'
182. This is the compensation of what your hands have sent forth. And Allah does not oppress their bondsmen.
183. Those who say, 'Allah has covenanted with us that we believe not in any messenger until he brings an order of
such sacrifice which the fire consumes; say you, 'Many messengers came to you before me bearing clear signs
and with this order which you speak of, then why did you kill them, if you are truthful?
184. Then O beloved! If they belie you even, so the messengers before you, who had come bearing clear signs and
the scriptures and the shining Book have already been belied.
185. Every soul is to taste the death; and you will get your compensation in full only on the Day of Resurrection.
Whosoever is saved from the Fire and made to enter into Paradise, attained to his goal. And the life of this
world is but the goods of deception.
186. Undoubtedly, you shall certainly be tested in your property and in your lives. And undoubtedly, you shall

certainly hear a good deal of bad things from the people of the Book before you and from idolaters. But if you
endure and guard yourselves (against evils), then it is the work of strong determination.
187. And remember when Allah took a covenant from those who were given the Book that, 'you shall necessarily
make it known to the people and congeal it not, but they threw it behind their backs, and took a mean price in
Exchange of it, then how an evil Purchasing it is!
188. Never think of those who rejoice on their doings and wish that they may be praised without doing. Never think
of such people away from the torment and for them is the painful torment.
189. And to Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and earth; and Allah is Potent over every thing.
190. Undoubtedly, in the creation of heavens and earth and in the mutual alternation of night and day, there are
signs for men of understanding.
191. Who remember Allah standing and sitting and lying on their sides, and contemplate in the creation of heavens and earth; (saying) "O our Lord! You have not made it invain, Hallowed be You, You save us from the torment of the Hell.
192. 'O our Lord! Verily whomsoever you cause to enter the Hell, him You have surely humiliated, and the unjust have no helpers.
193. 'O our Lord! We heard a proclaimer that he calls for believing, that believe unto your Lord; then we believed. O our Lord! Forgive us our sins and wipe off us our evils and cause us to die along with the righteous.
194. 'O our Lord! And give us that what You have promised to us through Your Messengers; and disgrace us not on the Day of Resurrection. Undoubtedly You do not break the promise.
195. Then their Lord heard their prayer that I certainly waste not the labour of any worker from amongst you, be a male or female, you are one among yourselves. Hence those who emigrated and were driven out from their homes, and were tortured in My way and fought and were killed. I shall surely wipe out all their sins and shall surely cause them to enter into the gardens beneath which flow rivers, a reward from Allah. And with Allah only there is good reward.
196. 'O Listener! Let not deceive you the strutting about of the infidels in the cities.
197. A brief enjoyment; their abode is the Hell and what an evil bed!
198. But those who fear their Lord, for them there are gardens beneath which flow rivers. They shall abide therein; an entertainment from Allah and that, which is with Allah, is still better for the righteous.
199. And undoubtedly, some among the men of the Book are such that they believe in Allah and in what has been sent to you and what have been sent down to them, their hearts are bent towards Allah, do not accept mean price for the signs of Allah. These are those whose reward is with their Lord; and Allah is swift in taking account.
200. 'O believers! Be patient, and excel in patience with the enemies and guard Islamic country on the border and remain fearing Allah that haply you may be successful.
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