Thursday, January 25, 2018

Arthur Wagner Converts to Islam

Arthur Wagner now a Muslim, can you believe this, Yes today's top news is German far-right AfD party politician quits leadership role after becoming Muslim. His party is most known for Anti Muslim and a lot of time of his life he worked against Islam but ALLAH give him hidayah and finally Arthur Wagner is Muslim MashaALLAH.
Arthur Wagner Converts to Islam

We all knew that AFD team from Germany they worked to ban islam, and they worked to ban Burqa on their country. They always do everything against Islam. But now Arthur Wagner quit his leading post within the party. You will be more surprising that the AfD became Germany's third largest party in parliament after last September's general election.

Earlier this month, an AfD lawmaker caused a furore after accusing police of "appeasing the barbaric, Muslim, rapist hordes of men" by tweeting in Arabic. The party said it stood for the constitutional right of religious freedom, regardless of Wagner's conversion.

"Mr. Wagner resigned on January 11 from the state board on his own volition. Only afterwards was it known that he had converted to Islam," Friese told Reuters. Mr Wagner declined to comment on his conversion. "He does not want to speak with the press. He believes it is a private affair," the party spokesman added.

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Can you imagine what happened ? You don't know how and when a person get peace on heart and accept Islam and be Muslim. We all Muslim of the world should pray to ALLAH for them who hates Islam. We should spread the peace to people. We all Muslim should together and build strong relationship to make the world more peace and comfortable.

Islam don't teach to war illegally, so don't blame on us. We Muslim never ever want to attack any people without you war against us. We don't attack you till you attack us. We want peace and pray to the Only One GOD. The Almighty. Be a practicing Muslim.
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